This is long overdue. The goal of this blog is to talk about everything Hongdae related and it’s impossible to do so without mentioning indie music. Hongdae is the heart of the indie scene in Korea, where bands start playing in small basements and, with some luck, hard work and talent, end up playing in one of the many Korean Summer Festival 🙂



And for this first post I have to start talking about my favorite Korean band, Kingston Rudieska. I first discovered them more than two years ago and since then I became friend with some of the members. They really became big over the past two years but let’s start by a brief summary.

Kingston Rudieska was created in 2004 with the goal of playing traditional Jamaican Ska. Since then, they released 3 albums (2008, 2010 and 2012). They regularly play in Hongdae, in general at Club Ta or at Prism Live hall and in summer you can see them in many festivals (for example they played at Seoul Jazz Festival and Jisan this past summer). Their music is great, with really good jazzy improvisation, and songs that will make you jump around. But what they are best at is concerts. The band release so  much energy, dancing and jumping on stage, that you have no choice but to dance. To have a chance to see their concerts I would recommend checking their facebook page as their website is not always up to date: https://www.facebook.com/rudieska2004

Their most famous song (here live on KBS)

Their 2012 single (a play on word as “Your talks makes me mad” in Korean sounds like Marijuana (this is ska after all 😉

And the title song of their first album for an instrumental tune

Some pictures…

…at Busan Rock Festival (2011)


…at Mapo Art Center (2012)



…at Sang Sang Madang – 3rd album release party 2012 – featuring Tehiun on the first image


… at Zandari Festa 2013 (click on the link for more details)IMG_3028977888497





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